At Roundthorn, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a core value throughout everything we do. We’re dedicated to continuously improving our practices and setting new standards for environmental responsability.

To uphold this commitment we have created a series of policies and practices that are aimed at minimising our environmental footprint. This includes:

-Encouraging staff to travel to work together instead of arriving individually. This reduces the amount of vehicles travelling to and from work which helps us to minimise our carbon emissions.

-We have signage around the hotel reminding staff to turn off lights and appliances if they aren’t using them. Additionally, our apartments feature sensor-based lighting systems to optimise energy efficiency.

-We have installed two electric vehicle charging points in our parking facility to accommodate guests with electric vehicles, promoting sustainable transportation options.

-We encourage linen reuse among our housekeeping and front of house staff. This helps to reduce the volume of laundry and conserve water resources.

-The hotel has a large recycling area with various bins for different waste types. This includes glass, cardboard and plastics. This area is accessible by both staff and guests using our self catering apartments.

-We operate a towel replacement policy where guests can re-use towels if they don’t need washing. This helps to reduce the amount of laundry that the hotel creates.

-Our food and supplies are sourced as locally as possible and orders are only placed when absolutely necessary. This reduces the amount of deliveries that Roundthorn receives and cuts down on vehicular activity.

These policies represent just a portion of our ongoing efforts to encourage sustainability within our establishment. We continuously evaluate and refine our practices to identify further opportunities for improvement and environmental responsibility.


Future Plans….

To kickstart our future efforts, we’re leveraging our existing resources and expanding upon them….

We plan to increase the planting of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the small allotment on our premises. By doing so, we’re not only promoting self-sufficiency but also cutting down on the carbon emissions associated with food transportation.

Additionally, we’re currently creating a wildlife-friendly habitat by planting wildflowers and implementing measures to support local biodiversity. Our goal is to foster a thriving ecosystem that benefits both wildlife and our guests alike.

We are in the process of  introducing composting initiatives.  By doing this we’re diverting organic waste from landfills and producing nutrient-rich compost to nourish our gardens. We recently participated in the ‘If you can’t eat it, compost it’ webinar organized by Cumbria Tourism, furthering our knowledge and commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

Furthermore, we’re phasing out the use of plastics in our accommodations. As a venue nestled in the countryside with the river Eden flowing just a mile away from our doors, we recognize our responsibility to minimize plastic pollution and protect the environment. By eliminating plastics across the board, we’re taking proactive steps to safeguard our natural surroundings and reduce our impact on the planet.

Roundthorn Country House : February 2024